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At Wyoming Catholic College, we understand that the answer to a culture of practical atheism, philosophical skepticism, and cultural nihilism is not a quick argument, but a deep formation. We believe that the next “greatest generation” of American citizens will emerge only from an education steeped in the liberal arts, one in which the goal rises above simply mastering a few technical tasks to that of human excellence.

This is what it means to educate the whole person – body, mind, and spirit: cultivating men and women who are aware, sensitive, and alive to truth through virtue, faith, and reason. Thus the pursuit of wisdom in God’s Country. This is where Wyoming Catholic College excels.

We firmly believe the human person was made for truth, and as such will never find satisfaction in anything less than the whole spectrum of truth: a pursuit requiring an education that addresses the whole of creation.

And yet, the quest for truth alone is not enough. As St. John Paul the Great taught in his encyclical The Splendor of Truth, our young people need to learn that responding to the skepticism of our day requires that one be well-equipped to display the beauty of truth acting in love.

We know Wyoming Catholic College alumni will be the seeds of real and lasting hope and change in our society. After four years of the most complete liberal arts education available in the nation, centered on the greatest works of Western Civilization, our graduates emerge as leaders who will move society forward because they know where we have been.

Immersed in the best that has been thought and created over nearly three millennia, and imbued with the Church’s wisdom, our students gain the confidence necessary to proclaim the truth. By frequenting the sacraments and taking part in our unique Outdoor and Experiential Leadership Program, they develop the humility to make truth not only known to others, but also attractive. Our students, formed as whole persons, are impassioned to do all things with excellence for the glory of God.

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