Twenty @ $20. 

20 friends giving at $20 a month.

That’s what it takes to help a student attend Wyoming Catholic College.

Here’s how the math works: Two-thirds of the students who attend Wyoming Catholic need student loans in order to finance their education. But because we think it’s vitally important to keep our students’ debts as low as possible, they are never expected to take out loans averaging more than $4,750 per year (which adds up to $19,000 at graduation).

While this is certainly a significant amount, it is well below the average undergraduate debt load of $33,000 – an amount most colleges and universities cover by passing it along to Uncle Sam (through Federal student loans and grants). An unfortunate side-effect of this financial reality is one that we see more clearly with each passing day: A dramatic increase in the Federal Government’s tendency to meddle in the world of higher education, and an outstanding Federal student aid debt of $1,182,100,000,000. (Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about students from all over the United States who currently owe our government more than a trillion dollars. A trillion dollars, even as we sink deeper and deeper into national debt.)

Here at Wyoming Catholic College, we don’t want the government telling us what to teach our students. Nor do we think it should continue to pour (literally) billions and billions of dollars into a broken financial aid system. And so, we’ve decided not to accept federal funds. But that leaves is in a bit of a bind, because while most other educational institutions will look to the Feds to meet their student’s Financial Aid needs, we need to find other, less problematic sources of revenue.

And that’s where you (and your 19 friends) come in: Your donation of $20 per month–-combined with similar donations from nineteen other like-minded supporters-–will add up to $4,800, almost exactly what we need to provide financial assistance to one of our students. With this support, we will be able to provide loans directly to our students, thus avoiding unnecessary government entanglement.

Here’s how you can help:

First, sign up for an automatic recurring donation (with the frequency option of your choice) using the donation form below.
Second, send this exciting challenge along to nineteen of your friends and acquaintances--anyone you think would be willing to join you in supporting the authentic and extraordinary Catholic education offered here at Wyoming Catholic College. You will provide the financial support necessary for a deserving student to attend Wyoming Catholic College.

Third, visit us on Facebook and share the link about "20@$20" on your page.