Campus Safety


There is a full-time Director of Student Life and Director of Student Services residing in Lander, whose responsibilities include ensuring that students’ needs are met and their concerns heard, enforcing the College’s rules, and organizing trips, events, and sports.  The director is accessible for emergencies and there are also other adults in the nearby area who can be contacted in time of need.

The Director is assisted by student prefects assigned to each dormitory.  Prefects help maintain the rules that sustain a close-knit Catholic community and protect its harmony and tranquility.  These rules include no possession of alcohol or illegal drugs (or underage drinking even off campus), and no visitation in dormitories of the opposite sex.  Infraction of these rules normally entails dismissal from the College.

The Lander Police Department also helps with campus safety and security, by frequently driving through the interim campus and keeping an eye out for students as they walk about the town.

All programs sponsored by or participated in by the College, are set up according to the most rigorous standards of safety, accountability, and prudence.  Special rules obtain for outdoor hiking and camping trips; for further information, see the Outdoor Safety section of our Outdoor Program page.