Outdoor Safety


Because all freshmen will have completed a three-week expedition led by Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries in August, all student campers will have learned the skills required for living and traveling outdoors in a safe and conscientious way, and so will be able to engage readily in outdoor activities with their friends—hiking, fishing, backpacking, sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, horseback riding.  The five days of winter training in January and instructional winter camping opportunities later in the winter will complete the students’ preparation for camping in all conditions.

To encourage student participation in such activities, the College has established a storeroom of proper outdoor and safety equipment.  This equipment—the use of which will be fully explained and demonstrated—may be checked out free of charge.  Weekends will typically be free of scheduled academic commitments and Holy Mass will be celebrated Sunday evening so that students may take advantage of the weekend for such outdoor trips, when they wish to do so. 

HDR Ice Canyon.jpg

WCC takes seriously its responsibility to uphold a Catholic environment for its students and to ensure their safety at all times.  For this reason we have adopted definite rules for any student-planned camping trips.  Using the highly advanced "TOPO" map-making software, students pre-select on topographical maps their destination and the likely trails and print copies on waterproof paper -- at least one copy for their group, and one copy to be deposited in a specified mailbox for the Dean of Students. The names of the participants are also indicated, and the students must follow standard sign-out procedure.  Upon returning, students check back in.

The smallest group that may embark on a camping trip is three students.  There is no maximum number except as limited by the equipment available. If the group will be composed of both men and women, mixed sleeping arrangements are not permitted, and the group must include at least five people, with no fewer than two of the same sex in the group (i.e., the group of five must have at least two men or two women).

During the year, members of the faculty and staff, as well as friends of the College, will plan and lead outings with students to various destinations.