Dr. Richard Ferrier, Professor at Thomas Aquinas College
"Socrates in Peoria:" Abraham Lincoln's Pivotal Address on the Kansas-Nebraska Act

Dr. Ferrier, with the aid of the Socratic dialogue "Gorgias," analyzes Lincoln's pivotal rhetoric during his Peoria speech on the Kansas-Nebraska Act. To download the talk, right-click here and select "Save link as...."
Dr. Kevin Roberts, President of Wyoming Catholic College
“A Light to the Nation:” Archbishop John Carroll’s Blueprint for Catholic Life in America

Dr. Roberts, currently writing a biography of Archbishop Carroll, examines how Carroll's life gives us a better understanding of our country and the role religion plays in its governance. To download the talk, right-click here and select "Save link as...."
Dr. Lorenzo Candelaria, Professor at the University of Texas
"Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Catholic Liturgy"

A professor of Music at The University of Texas at El Paso, Dr. Candelaria discusses Mozart's legendary Requiem in the light of the Catholic liturgy. To download the talk, right-click here and select "Save link as...."

Additional Audio


Dr. Kevin Roberts

President, WCC
"Inaugural Address, 8.26.13
(Right-click here to download.)


Travis Dziad

WCC Class of 2013
"Doing the Beautiful Deed"

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Professor Kyle Washut

Instructor, WCC
"The Great Fast"

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Father Kevin FitzGerald

Professor, Georgetown
"Bioethics: Our Contribution"

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Bishop Michael J. Sheridan

Bishop of Colorado Springs
2012 Commencement Address

(Right-click here to download.)

Father Cassian Folsom

Prior, San Benedetto in Norcia
"The Great Divorce"
(Right-click here to download.)


Dr. Joseph Pearce
Fellow, Thomas More College

"The Quest for Shakespeare"

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Mr. George Weigel
Papal Biographer

"Witness to Hope"

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