Tuition and Costs

The direct costs for a student to attend Wyoming Catholic College 2016-2017
Tuition $21,500
Room and board $8,000
Books, Materials, and Activities Fee $800
Outdoor equipment *
Total $30,300
*Incoming freshmen should budget approximately $1,000 for the cost of required outdoor equipment.

Books and Materials

For the books, reading packets, and handouts used by the College each academic year, the student pays the amount noted above, which includes the applicable sales tax. Students are advised not to buy their own books, as the College has selected the editions it wishes to use in the classroom and is able to provide them at a significant discount.

Outdoor Equipment

At the inception of the student’s freshman year, it is necessary to purchase the personal equipment and clothing required for the Leadership Expedition that takes place in August. Having this equipment and clothing also facilitates participation in the outdoor adventures that are encouraged as part of the students’ whole way of life at WCC. The total cost of the items for both trips is noted above. A detailed equipment list is mailed to accepted students, accompanied by instructions on how, where, and when the gear may be obtained. Please note that students, upon their arrival at the College, may conveniently obtain all of the equipment and clothing at the NOLS Rocky Mountain Outfitting shop in Lander.

Estimated additional expenses are as follows:

Spending Money

Students will, of course, need some additional funds to cover such personal expenses as telephone cards, stamps, snacks, laundry soap, toiletries, entertainment, fishing licenses, etc.


Most financial aid recipients who are from out of state travel home only twice per academic year, at the Christmas break and the end of the school year. Travel expenses will vary based on the mode of travel and the proximity of the student’s home to the College. Refer to Getting Here for travel details. Limited shuttle service to area airports and bus stations is provided by the College for a reasonable fee. Contact the Director of Student Services for more information.


If a student ceases attending the College before the seventh week of classes in a semester has passed, tuition, room, and board will be prorated on a per diem basis and refunds of parent and student payments will be determined accordingly. Such refunds are made only if the student leaves before the end of the seventh week. After that point, no funds will be returned.

For information about our Financial Aid program, please see Financial Aid under Admissions.