Wyoming Catholic College welcomes students wishing to transfer to our college!  WCC has a fully integrated curriculum, however, in which each semester builds upon previous semesters and courses within a semester are cross-integrated with each other and with other courses offered the same year. Our freshman year is thus foundational for subsequent years.  In order to get the most out of our integrated curriculum, any student who wishes to attend the College will enter as a freshman, regardless of previous college experience.

We strongly encourage students considering transferring to WCC to do so, and so also to keep the following in mind:

  • We have courses that you are not likely to have taken at another college, such as our outdoor leadership course in the freshman year, our equestrian program, the Trivium (which is a four-year course in Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric), and our Latin immersion program.  The Trivium is integrated with the Humanities course, and must be taken together with it.  Therefore, it is not possible to take only some of the freshman year, or to skip it entirely.
  • Even if you have taken courses similar to some of ours, you certainly will encounter that material in a new and exciting way here at WCC!  We have several transfer students, and they welcomed the opportunity to review and deepen their understanding of such material.
  • Many college students switch majors one or more times during their college years, and thus often take 5 or 6 years to earn their undergraduate degree.  If the unique program of studies offered by WCC is right for you and consistent with God's will, then it would be far worse not to transfer!

We have several transfer students already.  For them, coming to WCC was well worth it!

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