Why a Liberal Arts education at WCC?
Students in higher education today are generally faced with a daunting choice of specialized classes, ordered to careers they sometimes have doubts about.  And many of those who enter college knowing what they want to do, nonetheless change their minds after a year or two. Certainly, the classroom training covers information pertinent to the intended career, but does it prepare students well for the actual day-to-day activities and duties of work?  The fact is, no job can be learned wholly in the classroom.  It has to be learned largely on the job, too. 

At WCC, we provide a more complete, general, foundational education that teaches students how to learn, how to communicate and relate well to people, and how to lead and succeed. As a Great Books liberal arts program second to none in the nation, our program will better serve our graduates in all aspects of their lives no matter what course their life's journey follows, whether they change their careers goals while in college or change their careers after working for a while.  Most people will also marry, have families, be neighbors and citizens and parishioners, take vacations, enjoy leisure activities—our curriculum is also for these, the more important pursuits in life.

WCC's liberal arts program comes from a distinguished tradition and is reflected in a carefully designed, integrated curriculum required of all students. This curriculum offers challenges that will take students well beyond ordinary studies. They will ultimately discover their potential and become fully educated.

Liberal education addresses the whole of life and prepares one to live an intelligent, meaningful, and contributive life in the midst of family, church, and society, as well as the workplace. A foundational liberal arts program sets the stage well for any specialization, any career choice, by teaching its students an appreciation of all that life offers and by developing those physical, intellectual, and spiritual capacities necessary to enter any occupation and expect success.

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