Integritas Archives

Each edition of Wyoming Catholic College's "Integritas" will feature a speech given at our Lander campus, or at a College-sponsored event. As you will see, we are deeply engaged not only in matters of faith and theology, but in particular, in how our faith and theology ought to be lived out—actively and zealously—in the public square.

As Bishop James Conley remarks in our first edition, “our lives will be measured by the souls we bring to Jesus Christ.” We cannot help but believe that the Lord wants our College’s impact to be measured by what we offer our students as well as our friends and supporters around the world.



2014 Commencement Address (1.1)
By Most Rev. James D. Conley, D.D., S.T.L.
Freedom from the Ground Up (1.2)
By Professor Kyle Washut
Roberts Integritas Cover.jpg
A Catholic View on Federal Overreach (1.3)
By Dr. Kevin Roberts
Bunting Cover.jpg
What Our Country Needs (1.4)
by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Josiah Bunting III
Bunting Cover.jpg
All In for Catholic Education (1.5)
by Sen. Rick Santorum
Bunting Cover.jpg
Constitutional Morality vs. Class Warfare (1.6)
by Dr. Virginia Arbery
Hippler Cover.jpg
Moral Law and Evangelization (1.7)
by Dr. Arthur Hippler
GArbery Cover.jpg
The Witness of Poetry (1.8)
by Dr. Glenn Arbery