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Early Bird Discount! $300 off for applications submitted before February 28th!

P.E.A.K. 2017 is a great opportunity to pursue the True, the Good, and the Beautiful not only in the classroom but also on horseback, on a rock wall, and backpacking through the beautiful Wyoming Mountains!

In this pair of two-week camps for young college-bound students who "seek an introduction to traditional liberal education and what life is like as a WCC student," participants have the opportunity to pursue wisdom in the three distinct aspects of the WCC mission: in study, in nature, and in prayer." This year's first camp will run from June 24-July 8, and the second from July 9-July 23. (For additional application and program information, please visit our PEAK page or contact our Admissions office at

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"At Wyoming Catholic, we try to cultivate an integrated life. The PEAK summer program is a great sneak preview of what truly happens here during the school year (and beyond!) in the lives of all those connected with the college. If PEAK accomplishes just one thing in showing someone how to live an integrated life of the body, the mind, and the spirit, it is definitely good to go!" -  Anthony ('16), PEAK 2011

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"I came to PEAK for an outdoor summer camp.  To me, the academics were the inconvenience tagged on the side.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  I sat down in philosophy class on Boethius's The Consolation of Philosophy, and my whole world changed!  From that moment, I had a taste of intellectual life, the life that asks the deepest questions and seeks the deepest answers."
Claudia ('16), PEAK 2011 

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"I expected PEAK to be very difficult for me, because I was not an 'outdoorsy' person.  I had never been hiking before, not to mention camping, caving, and rock-climbing.  I knew that I would be pushed well outside of my comfort zone.Gently but steadily, I was able to subdue many of my fears, build self-confidence, and grow in wonder of God’s creation.  I came away with the confidence that with God’s help, I could do anything he asked of me." 
- Graciela ('18), PEAK 2013

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