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Conventiculum Viomingense:

Latin Summer Immersion

At Wyoming Catholic College

August 5th – August 13th, 2013


Speak Latin! Adventure in the great outdoors!
Enjoy an encounter with nature while learning
the language of Ancient Rome and the Catholic Church!



The Conventiculum Viomingense is a full-immersion residential experience, designed both to introduce aspiring Latinists to the beauty and power of the ancient language of the Church and to provide more advanced Latinists with an exciting opportunity to improve their abilities. Classes will be conducted primarily in Latin and will include an exciting outdoor component: We will take advantage of our location to discuss trees and plants, mountains and glaciers, rivers, animals, birds, insects, weather, and many other aspects of nature. The week will culminate in a camping trip.

Conventiculum Viomingense is specifically tailored for Catholics who wish to connect with the universal language of the Church.  (But non-Catholics respectful of Catholic tradition are certainly welcome.) Anyone with a strong desire to develop a Latin speaking ability should apply.  While the program is designed with high-school students in mind, teachers and professors are also encouraged to come.

All participants will enhance and develop spoken and written expression in Latin both in the formal classroom setting, and informally, outside of class.  To achieve an optimal immersion environment, participants will speak Latin exclusively with one another and the faculty throughout the conventiculum.

Outside of sessions, there will be many opportunities for prayer and contemplation.  Participants who desire can attend liturgical celebrations, and pray the rosary or the breviary in common. There are also opportunities for building lasting friendships:  students interact with one another at meals and in the dormitories, and during sports or games.  Participants will also enjoy the chance for less structured conversations during our camping trip into the breath-takingly beautiful scenery of Sinks Canyon.


The Conventiculum will be held in the facilities of Wyoming Catholic College, which is located in Lander, WY in West-central Wyoming. Sessions will meet in either in the College classrooms, at local Museums and in the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Conventiculum Viomingense provides a stimulating occasion in which participants can live for an extended period of time in an all-Latin environment, speaking and hearing no language but Latin. Sessions will be aimed exclusively at developing ability in speaking Latin, and understanding others speaking Latin. Throughout the seminar, the participants, divided into separate groups, will also produce a Latin skit which is presented to fellow participants.

Our Conventiculum is not designed specifically for people who have already mastered Latin grammar; all interested parties are welcome here.  You will learn or improve your Latin through constant practice with no reason to fear making mistakes.  The Conventiculum Viomingense is a safe environment to learn and exercise spoken Latin.  Previous experience in speaking Latin is not necessary. Participants who have already mastered Latin grammar will be separated into a track aimed at maximizing their experience with us.

The Application and Health Form packet is available here, and a poster for those who would like to publicize the Conventivulum to their friends and local communities is available here. For additional information, please contact Professor Patrick Owens by email at


  • Small group break-out sessions separated by levels
  • Fun and engaging party games and board games
  • Performing skits
  • Sports activities (e.g., Frisbee, soccer, touch football, yard games)
  • Liturgical Celebrations:  Daily Mass; Angelus; Adoration of the Most Holy Eucharist and Eucharistic Benediction; Compline; opportunities for regular Confessions
  • A four day camping trip, backpacking through the beautiful mountains of Wyoming (All gear and training is included in the program cost.)

Lander, WY is close to the heart of Yellowstone National Park, the Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, WY.  Lander is a beautiful small town with a vibrant outdoors community.  The surrounding area provides the perfect variety of landscapes for hiking, rock climbing, and enjoying nature.

You will stay on the campus of Wyoming Catholic College (150 Leedy Dr. Lander, WY 82520).  The campus buildings are dormitory style and include bunk-beds, a bathroom, and laundry facilities.  It is surrounded by broad, pleasant gardens ideal for contemplation and only a hundred yards from Holy Rosary Catholic Church.  Male and female campers reside in separate dormitories under the supervision of Prefects, who can themselves speak Latin. There is delicious food — breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The rooms are comfortable and clean.  The cost of your stay is the best possible and includes room and board.  Should you desire more privacy or to room with a spouse, please contact the moderators privately: There are, of course, a few hotels and B&Bs in Lander where one can find comfortable and private lodging.


Room, board, instructional materials, backpacking equipment, and travel to and from the Denver airport are included in the program cost. The entry fee for the 2013 Conventiculum Viomingense is $595 per person, and the minimum age is 15. (
Please note that there is a $100 deposit to hold your spot.)

The deadline for receipt of entry fee and the meals fee is 15 May, 2013, but we strongly urge those intending to take part to register much earlier than the deadline, since places in these events may fill up earlier.  In 2013 we will be able to accept no more than 35 applicants.


Participants who arrive to the Denver International Airport or the Riverton Regional Airport will be shuttled free of cost to the program center. 

On the first day (August 4th) there will be no regular sessions, but there will be a general information session and dinner which will take place from 6:00 p.m. to about 9:00 or 10:00 p.m, which we expect all participants to attend.  In this initial reception not only Latin, but English may be spoken.  After the reception, the use of vernacular languages will cease, and Latin will be the only language used in the conventiculum.  Participants therefore should try to arrive in Lander before 4:00 p.m. on the first day so they can get installed in their lodgings and find the site of the sessions before the reception actually begins.



Prof. Patrick Owens is on the faculty at Wyoming Catholic College, where he teaches advanced courses in Latin and Latin literature. He holds a M.A. from the Latin Studies Program at the University of Kentucky, and a B.A. from Fordham University. He studied extensively with Fr. Reginald Foster in Rome and spent four years at the Accademia Vivarium Novum, where he taught courses in Latin literature and Patristics.


Dr. Scott Olsson is an assistant professor of Latin at Wyoming Catholic College. Dr. Olsson received his bachelors of science in physics at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, before completing his doctoral studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Olsson has translated works of St. Jerome and speaks Latin at home with his wife and six children.


Dr. Bradley Ritter is assistant professor of classics and early Christian literature at Ave Maria University. He has taught at both Temple University and Johns Hopkins University. He is currently at work on a manuscript entitled Civic Integration of Jews in the Greek Cities of the Roman Empire. His main research interests are the Jewish Diaspora in the Greek and Roman worlds, Hellenistic and early Roman imperial history. He received his M.A. in Latin and Ph.D. in Classics from the University of California, Berkeley.