About WCC

Wyoming Catholic College is a four-year coeducational Catholic college whose primary educational objective is to offer a traditional liberal arts education that schools the whole person in all three dimensions—mind, body, and spirit.


We accomplish this by immersing our students in the beauty of the outdoors, by introducing them to the wisdom of Western tradition and thought as found in the Great Books and Good Books of the past millennia, and by making the best of the Catholic spiritual heritage part of the rhythm of daily life in our close College community. Students graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. 

This unique combination of educational spheres results in graduates who know there is truth and how to seek it, know how to think clearly and express their thoughts eloquently, know how to learn and expect to find delight in learning throughout their lives, and know how to attain a great measure of happiness by a moral life led in relationship with God.

For the mind.

WCC’s chronologically and disciplinarily-integrated curriculum embraces history, imaginative literature, writing, reasoning, oratory, Latin, art history, music, mathematics, natural science, philosophy, theology, spirituality, outdoor leadership, and horsemanship. This foundational education, characterized by both breadth and depth, prepares the student to live an intelligent, meaningful, and contributive life in the midst of family, church, and society. In an incomparable way, such a program develops the abilities necessary to excel in any worthy career or path in life.

For the body.

In our freshman outdoor courses, students engage and experience God’s creation as part of that creation themselves—indeed, as the crowning glory of that creation. Freshman are immersed in nature and their imaginations are nourished through a three-week summer program, and one-week winter wilderness expedition which specifically prepares students to plan and lead winter outdoor adventures and to participate in winter field science labs during their sophomore year. They also participate in our Equine Studies program, learning to ride and care for horses. Students then are able to confidently enjoy the spectacular wilderness areas that surround our campus. Four "Outdoor Weeks" are scheduled each year to facilitate these adventures, and additional riding opportunities are made available to our students on a weekly basis.

For the spirit.

The College is unmistakably Catholic, planted in the deep center of Catholic tradition. The truth sets us free, our Lord says—not only truth discovered by human reason alone, but also and above all revealed Truth, which tells us who we are and who our God is.  All spiritual exercises at the College are designed to foster a genuine Catholic environment so that students may graduate with a deeper understanding of their faith and an ability to undertake a life of prayer and devotion. Holy Mass is offered daily.  Both the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms of the Roman Rite are celebrated (please see Sacred Liturgy under the Spiritual Formation section of our Student Life page).  All are celebrated with dignity and beauty, and in the Ordinary form, giving pride of place to Gregorian chant. There are also daily opportunities for Confession and Adoration.

Wyoming Catholic College is currently a "Candidate for Accreditation" with the Higher Learning Commission.  We are also pre-accredited by the American Academy of Liberal Education (AALE). 

The Crest of Wyoming Catholic College


The Crest of Wyoming Catholic College captures the mission of the college. The Eagle with its breast shield represents far-sighted wisdom. The Lion on the Crest is the symbol of Christ the King. The Book and Sword stand for learning and truth. The Mountain, Sun, and Wheat signify the created world, which also instructs the students. And the Moon is the symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom, above the Wall and Anchor of the Church and its faith. Truth (Verum), Goodness (Bonum), and Beauty (Pulchrum) are the goals of the College’s Mission of Discovery.