Board of Directors

  • Dr. Glenn C. Arbery Ph.D.

    Ph.D. (Literature), University of Dallas

    Professor Arbery has taught literature at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, and the University of Dallas. He has served as Director of the Teachers Academy at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture; senior editor for City Newspapers in Dallas, where he was an award-winning film and theater critic; and contributing editor of D Magazine. He is the author of Why Literature Matters (2001) and the editor of two volumes, The Tragic Abyss (2004) and, most recently, The Southern Critics: An Anthology (2010). He has published and lectured on a range of authors, including Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, and Dostoevsky. He has recently finished a novel, and at present he is working on a book about Caroline Gordon and Allen Tate with his wife Virginia. Prof. Arbery was d’Alzon Professor of Liberal Education at Assumption College from 2008 until 2013, when he and his wife accepted positions at Wyoming Catholic College.

  • Jason Baxter Ph.D.

    B.A. (Classical Philology), University of Dallas; M.A. (Italian Studies), University of Notre Dame; Ph.D. (Literature), University of Notre Dame

    At WCC, Dr. Baxter teaches Greek, Roman, and Medieval humanities courses, as well as art history from antiquity through the Baroque. Dr. Baxter has also taught rhetoric within the Trivium sequence and is responsible for designing Trivium 302, the Junior Author Project. He is currently the Chairman of the Humanities track at WCC.

    Dr. Baxter has been with WCC for six years. His primary research interests include medieval aesthetics; the relationship between the Platonic tradition and poesis, both visual and verbal; Dante and the Platonic tradition; Dante, medieval mysticism, and monastic spirituality; and the relationship between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. His scholarly publications include articles on the Platonic tradition in the Latin West, and writings on Dante. Most recently, Dr. Baxter worked with Wyoming Catholic College’s Distance Learning Program to produce a free, 18-part introduction to the Comedy:“Dante in the Year of Mercy,” which can be found HERE. He is also at work on a new introductory book on the Comedy (under contract) which focuses on the spiritual meaning of Dante’s poetics.

    Dr. Baxter has been an invited speaker at universities across the country, speaking on the modern relevance of the liberal arts, as well as topics on Dante, such as medieval lectio divina in Purgatorio, the role of lyric poetry in Dante’s Paradiso, and Dante’s theology of love. Dr. Baxter also co-directed WCC’s Rome Immersion Experience, a one-week immersion opportunity in Rome, designed to introduce students to the highlights of Roman art, architecture, history, and culture.

    Select Popular Writings and Invited Talks
    “Globalism, Technology, and... Poetry?: Can the Liberal Arts Offer Anything to the Modern World?” Integritats (Summer 2016)
    “Wyoming Catholic College of Midwifery: Oxford, Teaching and Plato in Lander,” Wyoming Catholic College Magazine (Summer 2016)
    “Surprised by Humans: Dante’s Love Lyric Goes to Paradiso,” (April 2016)
    “Dante and Thomas Aquinas on Love, Charity, and Ineffability,” Duke Divinity School (April 2016)
    “Rewriting Souls: Lectio divina in Dante’s Purgatorio, Duke Divinity School (April 2016)
    “Globalism, Technology, and...Poetry? Can Humanistic Studies Possibly Contribute to the Modern World?” The Cardinal Society, University of Arkansas (March 2016)
    “Why the Liberal Arts?” Cardinal Newman Society, Wyoming Catholic College (February 2016)
    “A Vision of Miraculous Love,” Wyoming Catholic College Magazine (Summer 2015)

    Select Scholarly Publications
    “‘Noi siamo vermi nati a formar l’angelica farfalla’: Medieval Imitatio and Dante’s Poetics of Transformation in Purgatorio” (in progress)
    Review of Mathematical Theologies: Nicholas of Cusa and the Legacy of Thierry of Chartres by David Albertson. Journal of Religion. (Forthcoming)
    “Videmus Nunc per Speculum”: Toward a New Paradigm for Twelfth-century Naturalism.” Haskins Society Journal (forthcoming)
    “Some Methodological Remarks on Dante and Theologia.” Collection of Proceedings from the Notre Dame Summer Seminar 2013: Dante’s Theology, Devers Series in Dante and Medieval Italian Literature. (Forthcoming)
    Series rerum: The Use and Transformation of Boethian Thought in Bernard Silvestris.” Carmina Philosophiae: Journal of the International Boethius Society (2016)
    Review of Gothic Wonder by Paul Binski. Sacred Architecture. (2016)
    Margins toward the center: Bernard Silvestris’s In martianum and the exegesis of Natura.” Marginalia, vol. 19, Proceedings of Tenth Anniversary Conference: Out of the Margins, Cambridge University (2015)
    “Through the Eyes of Landino: Dante, Natura, and the Poetics of Varietas.” L’Alighieri, vol. 43. (July 2014)
    Innominis / Omninominis: Bernard Silvestris’s Catalog Poem as Act of Divine Naming.” Special issue on Latin Platonism of Epekeina: International Journal of Ontology, History and Criticism, vol. 4, nos. 1‒2 (2014)

    Recent Grants, Fellowship, and Professional Development
    Advanced Italian Tutorialat C1 Level, Forio, Italy (June 2016)
    American Academy in Rome, Reader (Summer 2016)
    National Endowment for the Humanities “Tudor Books and Readers: 1485‒1603” Seminar, NEH Summer Scholar, Antwerp, London, and Oxford (June-July 2014)
    Notre Dame Summer Seminar 2013: Dante’s Theology, Invited Seminarist, Jerusalem (June 2013)
    University of Warwick, Mellon-Funded Visiting Research Fellowship (April–June 2013)
    Newberry Library, Chicago, Visiting Researcher (January 2013)
    University of Warwick, “Reading Publics in Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Europe,” Warwick-Newberry Workshop in Renaissance Studies (June 2012)
    Advanced Italian Tutorial, Il Sasso Italian Language School, Montepulciano, Italy (July–August 2013)

  • Charles E. Carter

    Charlie Carter is CEO and co-owner of Cyrious Software, Inc., which creates, markets, sells, implements and supports proprietary pricing and business management systems to sign, graphics and printing industries in the English speaking countries around the world.  Prior to working with Cyrious, his background includes assignments in organizational effectiveness with Motorola, middle market banking with Chemical Bank, and operations with Salomon Brothers.  His formal education includes a B.S. in Psychology from St. Lawrence University, a small liberal arts school in upstate, NY, and a MBA from the Harvard Business School.  He is currently the Chairman of Our Lady’s Pilgrimage, Inc., a 501c3 which runs pilgrimages to Lourdes for high school and college students.  He was a committee member in the The First General Synod of the Dioceses of Orlando and the Diocesan Pastor Council, a member of Rotary International, and a board member at the American Red Cross.  He and his wife Marieke have been married for 25 years and have 9 children.

  • Robert K. Costello

    Bob Costello is Managing Director of BBW Capital Advisors (a firm that specializes in community bank investment portfolio management). He served previously as National Field Director of Americans for Limited Government, and president and CFO of the Sam Adams Alliance. In 1994, Costello founded Americans for Limited Terms (ALT) and was its first President. Prior to working in political activism, Costello worked in the investment business, in leadership at ABN AMRO Securities, FTN Financial Capital Markets, and Robert W. Baird and Company in Chicago. Costello has worked at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C., and with the Libertarian Party. From 2002-2004, he served as the President of Social Security Choice, a group dedicated to Social Security reform. Costello has served on the boards of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, the Chairvalle Montessori School, the St. Athanasius Parish Council and School, Americans for Limited Government, and the Evanston Police Pension Board. He serves currently on the board of U.S. Term Limits, and the Illinois Opportunity Project. Bob and his wife Sue have been married for over 37 years with three grown children: Cary who lives in Montana, Devin and Sarah in Chicago. Sarah is partners with her mother in their own company, Sue’s Organizing Solutions.

  • W. Winston Elliott III

    W. Winston Elliott III is Founder and Publisher of The Imaginative Conservative, an online journal for those who seek the True, the Good and the Beautiful. It addresses culture, liberal learning, politics, literature, and the arts. Additionally, he is President of the Free Enterprise Institute, an organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of a free and virtuous society by teaching the principles of free markets, constitutional government, the Western intellectual tradition of the American founding and an enduring moral order. (As president of the Free Enterprise Institute Mr. Elliott has directed graduate seminars for teachers on topics including history, government, economics, literature, foreign affairs, and philosophy. More than 4000 teachers from public and parochial schools representing 41 states and four foreign nations have attended the Institute’s seminars and workshops.)

    Mr. Elliott was born in Salisbury, Maryland. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Washington College in 1982, was awarded a Masters of Business Administration, with Honors, from the University of Houston in 1991, and was named Adjunct Professor of Business and Public Policy with Northwood University in Midland, Michigan in 1994. He is Visiting Professor of Liberal Arts and Conservative Thought at Houston Baptist University and studied theology at the University of St. Thomas School of Theology in Houston. He is a member of the President’s Council of St. John’s College. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Philadelphia Society, an academic association devoted to the preservation of the ideals of the Founding Fathers. He is a past member of the Board of Trustees of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology.

    He is married to the author Barbara J. Elliott (Street Saints, Candles Behind the Wall) who is the founder and President of the Center for Cultural Renewal in Houston. Mrs. Elliott is Professor of Liberal Arts in the Honors College of Houston Baptist University. They are parishioners of Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Cathedral where Mr. Elliott served as Parochial Master of Ceremonies. He was the founding Grand Knight of the Our Lady of Walsingham Council of the Knights of Columbus. They have four children and seven grandchildren. Mr. Elliott is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma (National Scholastic Honorary Society for Business and Management), a member of Omicron Delta Kappa (National Scholastic and Leadership Honorary Society), and a member of Phi Alpha Theta (National Scholastic Honorary Society for History).

  • Dr. Khalil Habib

    Dr. Habib is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Pell Honors Program at Salve Regina University. He graduated from the University of Maine and received his MA in Political Science from the University of Toronto in 1997 and his PhD in Political Philosophy from Boston University in 2005. After completing his MA at the University of Toronto, Dr. Habib briefly worked as a Group Sales Representative for Sun Life New York and as a Lecturer at Brandeis and Boston Universities. His work has appeared in prestigious philosophical journals such as the Review of Metaphysics, Ancient Philosophy, The Polish Journal of Philosophy, The VoegelinView, among others, and he is co-editor of Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Globalization: Citizens without States (Kentucky, 2011).

  • Randall W. Hammond

    Randy Hammond serves as the Managing Director of the J.P. Morgan Private Bank in the Rocky Mountain States and is based in Denver. He has direct management responsibilities for a team of professional advisors and specialists with expertise in banking, investments, credit, fiduciary management, wealth advisory and specialty assets. He started his career in financial services with Merrill Lynch in Houston before answering the call to enter management in 1996. He has served in market and regional management roles in Florida, Atlanta and Los Angeles as well as in a corporate Director role. He was named one of the ‘Top 100’ leaders in the industry in 2009 by On Wall Street magazine. He retired from the Marine Corps Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel where he served as a flight leader in Desert Storm and graduated from Command and Staff College. He was decorated three times for heroism and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He graduated from Millsaps College where he was a member of an undefeated football team. Randy serves on the boards of Legatus (past president), Catholic Foundation (investment committee chair), Denver Downtown Partnership, Seeds of Hope (general board), Operation Homefront and the Wings Over the Rockies Museum Steering Committee. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and Veterans of Foreign Wars. He has four children and lives in Littleton, CO with his wife Kaye.

  • David S. Kellogg

    David S. Kellogg resides in Lander with his wife, Carol, after having worked in several marketing and sales positions for computer technology companies IBM Corporation and Lexmark Corporation.  He studied electrical engineering at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, as well as electronics technology at Central Oregon College in Bend.  He and his wife own and operate DACON Enterprises, a private firm owning and managing real estate property (both commercial and residential) and a log-home building franchise.  He is President of LEADER Corporation, a private local economic development organization, and is a member of the local Lions Club and Elks Club.  He is also involved in many civic affairs, including the Cornerstone Committee, formed out of the LEADER Corporation, for the purpose of working to locate Wyoming Catholic College in Lander.

  • Dr. Bob Kelly

    Bob Kelly is the Corporate Vice President for the Cloud + Enterprise Business Development and Strategy team, overseeing mergers and acquisitions strategy and coordination of cross C+E strategic planning. His organization is part of Microsoft's Cloud + Enterprise Business, whose mission is to cloud-optimize every business. Bob has played an integral leadership role in defining how Microsoft goes to market with server and cloud computing. Since joining the company, he was instrumental in growing the Windows Server business from a relatively new product to a market leader, and helping to shape Microsoft's $15 billion server and tools business. His most recent assignment prior to his current role was running business and marketing for the Azure cloud service platform.

    A Massachusetts native, Bob graduated high school from Trivium School, a Catholic Liberal Arts high school that his father and friends founded in 1978. Following Trivium, Bob attended and graduated from Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire. After graduating, Bob went on to earn his master's degree and doctorate in English literature from the University of Dallas, a very strong Catholic liberal arts college. Bob has attended Catholic schools from Kindergarten through his PhD and has always been involved in Catholic education since. The common thread in his education and his educational philosophy is the western tradition as expressed through the study of the liberal arts. Bob also has a strongly held point of view that the best business people have a liberal arts foundation, a foundation that forms them to think, communicate and persuade. He now lives in Seattle with his wife of 25 blessed years, Annmarie. Together they have 4 great kids who are each ready to take on the world. Bob and Annmarie met at University of Dallas and have been active in leadership roles in the Seattle area, having both served on the school commission board for St Alphonsus parochial school which all of their children attended. Bob served as the President of the Seattle Legatus chapter for 2 years.  Bob has also served on the board of the Discovery Institute since 2011.

  • Thaddeus J. Kozinski Ph.D.

    B.SC. (Comprehensive Science), Villanova University; M.LA. (Liberal Arts), St. John’s College Graduate Institute; Ph.D. (Philosophy), The Catholic University of America
    Dr. Thaddeus J. Kozinski is Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Wyoming Catholic College. He has taught philosophy, humanities, trivium, and theology at Wyoming Catholic for eight years. Dr. Kozinski has served as Academic Dean of Campion College in Sydney, Australia, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy for Christendom College, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Instructor in Philosophy and Ethics for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and Graduate Professor of Philosophy for Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Previous to teaching undergraduates, he was first Assistant Headmaster and Director of Curriculum for The Montfort Academy, a Great Books Catholic preparatory school in Westchester, New York, and a teacher at Seton School in Manassas, VA. A Fellow of the Adler-Aquinas Institute, he is particularly dedicated to Thomistic thought and its relation to modernity, and is widely published in academic and popular journals. He is the author of The Political Problem of Religious Pluralism: And Why Philosophers Can’t Solve It, and a forthcoming book of essays on Liberalism vs. Logos: Modernity as Apocalypse, and is widely published in academic and popular journals, including TelosThe Political Science ReviewerFirst Things, Modern Age, ABC Religion and Ethics, and The Imaginative Conservative

  • Kenneth A. McHugh J.D.

    Ken McHugh is a nationally recognized expert in facility development and operations, with a special focus on non-for-profit institutions. Prior to launching IPM in 2003, Ken served as the Executive Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer for DePaul University. During McHugh’s twenty years at DePaul, the University exceeded $500 million in construction projects, with an enrollment of more than 24,000 students and annual revenue approaching $400 million. Ken was responsible for the university’s public financing, including three tax-exempt bond issues between 1992 and 2003. The university had $170 million in outstanding Illinois Educational Facilities Authority revenue bonds in 2001, financing new construction and renovations while enabling tuition to be spent on academics and student services. Ken continues to serve as the Executive Vice President Emeritus for the Real Estate Center at DePaul University. He is also the former President of the Education Advancement Fund, a not-for-profit organization created by Columbia College, DePaul University and Roosevelt University to develop, own, and manage the University Center of Chicago, a 1700 bed shared student residence. In 2005 the University Center of Chicago was awarded Project of the Year by Midwest Construction Magazine. McHugh holds a law degree from ITT—Chicago Kent College of Law and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame.

  • Dr. Francis Milligan

    Francis “F.J.” Milligan is a family practitioner in the rural town of Bow, N.H. After graduating from Thomas Aquinas College and Loyola University's Stritch School of Medicine, Dr. Milligan served as a medical doctor in the U.S. Army until 1996, where he achieved high distinction serving in global hot spots around the world (including being assigned to Somalia during the famine crisis in 1993 and serving as the personal physician of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.) Yet in spite of these difficult assignments, Dr. Milligan managed to devote his free time to setting up health clinics for the poor and teaching Natural Family Planning, seeing his deployments as God-given opportunities to put his faith into practice in these remote and troubled regions. Since moving to New Hampshire upon his discharge in 1996, Dr. Milligan has gained a sterling reputation as a family practitioner faithful to the tenets of his Catholic faith. In 2011, the Diocese of Manchester presented Dr. Milligan with the St. Martin de Porres Award for Outstanding Medical Treatment, and he was named as a Senior Fellow at the Concord Hospital for his ongoing contributions to the medical community. Dr. Milligan and his wife, Germaine, have sent six of their fourteen children to Wyoming Catholic College, including their son, Frank (’12), who entered Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma shortly after his graduation, and is now known as Br. Columbkille.

  • Victor J. Riley

    Victor J. Riley served 26 years as the Chairman of KeyCorp when it grew from $1.2 billion in assets and 89 offices to $67.7 billion in assets and more than 1,300 banking offices around the world.  Mr. Riley is an immediate past Class A Director of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, past director of the Association of Bank Holding Companies, and a current member of the Interstate Banking Commission for the State of New York. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Mr. Riley is past president of the board for the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, a position he held for nine years.  He served as a trustee of the Gilmour Academy in Gate Mills, Ohio, and, in 1989, became a member of the State University of New York at Albany Foundation, which also bestowed upon him its 1989 Citizen Laureate Award.  Mr. Riley received an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Dowling College, a liberal arts institution located in Oakdale, New York, and in June, 1995, was Dowling’s Distinguished Citizen Award recipient.  Mr. Riley contributed in noteworthy ways in fund-raising efforts for The March of Dimes, the Cerebral Palsy Center, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the Morehouse School for Medicine, and others.  He also served as chairman of the Pius XII Foundation, which provides essential life-saving services to young and old alike.  Mr. Riley’s most illustrious recognition for his service came when he was invested in 1985 as a Knight of Malta in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.  Mr. Riley is currently a member of the board of trustees of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody and is the past president of the Boys and Girls Club of Park County. He also serves as chairman of the board of the Victor J. Riley, Jr. Ice Arena and Community Events Center in Cody.

  • Kevin D. Roberts Ph.D.

    B.A. (History), University of Louisiana at Lafayette; M.A. (History), Virginia Tech University; Ph.D. (History) University of Texas at Austin

    Kevin D. Roberts, Ph.D., hails from Lafayette, Louisiana, where in 2006 he co-founded and was the first President and Headmaster of John Paul the Great Academy, a coeducational, PK-12, Catholic liberal arts school.  The Academy is already ranked by the Cardinal Newman Society as one on the top-50 Catholic high schools in the United States, and has a distinguished record of vocation discernment.  Dr. Roberts received his Ph.D. in History from the University of Texas at Austin, his M.A. from Virginia Tech University, and his B.A. from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  He has taught at universities, colleges, and a catechetical institute, including New Mexico State University, Austin Community College, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Aquinas Institute in Louisiana.  Dr. Roberts became a Certified Fund Raising Executive in 2012.  He is currently writing a biography of Archbishop John Carroll, the first Catholic bishop in the United States. Dr. Roberts and his wife, Michelle, have four children, ages 3 to 11, and the entire Roberts family enjoys a robust pursuit of outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking.

  • Richard W. St. Pierre Ed.D.

    Dr. Richard W. St. Pierre graduated from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in 1961, after which he taught high school and coached in Watertown, Connecticut. In 1962 he taught in the Pittsfield, Massachusetts school district while working on two masters degrees awarded by the National Science Foundation. Dr. St. Pierre received his Masters in Biology in 1965 from St. Joseph’s College in W. Hartford, Connecticut and his Masters in Geology in 1966 from Union College in Schenectady, N.Y. In 1966 Dr. St. Pierre began teaching science at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, MA where he also served as the admissions director. In 1971 Dr. St. Pierre became Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA, becoming the Dean five years later. In 1976 he received his doctoral degree in higher education management from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, FL following which he was named interim President of Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, MA having been commended by the Board of Regional Community Colleges for “reestablishing a stimulating learning environment for both faculty and students. In 1980 Dr. St. Pierre moved with his family, wife Margaret and their four daughters age 14-18, to Wyoming to become the President of Central Wyoming College in Riverton, where he drew on his expertise in off-campus learning systems. While at CWC he founded CWC Public Television and received the funding for the Arts Center on campus. Dr. St. Pierre left the college in 1983 to pursue other endeavors.

    In 1983, using his degree in geology, he, with his wife as his partner, took his first company public on the stock exchange in Vancouver, British Columbia followed by a second the following year. Both were mining exploration companies, which held several properties in both the U.S. and Canada. Following the market crash of 1988, Dr. St. Pierre worked out of Manhattan as well at Gothenberg, Sweden to help bring Swedish businesses public in the U.S. In 2005, Dr. St. Pierre was appointed to the Board of Wyoming Catholic College by Bishop Ricken, where he currently serves.