The WCC Career Plan

In late 2013, Wyoming Catholic College began to implement its new Career Development Program. The goals of the Career Development Program are to help the students and alumni, that are committed, find jobs or internships that meet their criteria:

Getting a job or internship requires a student to quickly develop two new skills: Conducting a search and mastering a new role. The WCC Career Plan uses detailed course work, processes, resources, and personal attention to enable students and alumni to conduct an effective search and accelerate their becoming effective in their new roles.

WCC Career Plan Image.png

The Career Development Team is implementing the following to accomplish these goals:

   • Career and leadership coursework for Seniors.  In Fall 2014, this will be expanded to the other three classes;
   • An online job posting system for internships and full time positions;
   • Advisor and mentorship programs;
   • The Job Search Roadmap and Toolbox© system.

These new systems provide training, tools, resources, and coaching in important parts of the process, such as:

   • Discerning what career path to pursue;
   • Interning to start exploring fields in which they might be interested in pursuing a career;
   • Writing strong resumes and cover letters.  We teach students how to tailor their cover letters and resumes to the specific job
      that they would want to apply for after graduation;

   • Researching organizations that have the desired missions, cultures, values and leadership that fit with their criteria;
   • Finding organizations that value candidates with strong liberal arts backgrounds and are actively searching for them;
   • Teaching how to best explain the WCC education so that people in business can see the value to their company;
   • Participating in mock interviews; and,
   • And much more.

Students are now encouraged to intern after each of their first three years, thereby giving them ample time to explore different roles and fields.  By the time they reach senior year, they'll have a clear idea of where they'd like to start their careers. As Alumni continue their careers, we hope to partner with them to give them advice, guidance, and let them know about opportunities that may fit with their personal goals.