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Here are what people are saying about the education that students are receiving at WCC:

The Wyoming Catholic College graduate who we hired is just finishing her first year as our high school Latin teacher. She has an incredibly high level of expertise in the subject area and works with the collegiality of a veteran educator. We searched for over two years to find a suitable Latin teacher and all I can say is that finding her was well worth the wait.   – Matt Cox, Principal, Paideia High School, Valley, WA

Over seven years, we have hired men and women in part-time, emergency temporary and full-time positions. To a person, they have been splendid employees. They are hard-working, happy, creative and smart. WCC prides itself on teaching good character attributes but I am convinced these men and women come from great families and are already instilled with outstanding ethics. Such character, unfortunately, often is not that common in today’s “me-first, instant gratification” society. I have encouraged people all over Wyoming and across the USA to consider WCC grads for their jobs. They are quick learners, hard workers and very intelligent. You cannot do much better than that. – Bill Sniffin, Author and Entrepreneur, Lander, WY

Thank you for four irreplaceable gifts you and your college recently sent us -- I am referring to your four alumni, who have, in their self-effacing and modest way, lit up our institute. Teaching these humble, conscientious, unfailingly courteous and well-disposed students is a kind of pedagogical bliss. Just what are you fellows doing over at Wyoming to have produced such exemplary young people? – Dr. Timothy Kelly, Professor, International Theological Institute, Gaming, Austria

The Wyoming Catholic College graduate who we hired has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Her heart is that of a servant. Daily, she puts her best self forward, inspiring those around her to accomplish their work with a spirit of joy. – Jonny Doiron, Executive Director, Reach Youth Ministry, Helena, MT

The Lights On in Lander afterschool program has employed many Wyoming Catholic College students and graduates to work with our students in both tutoring and enrichment settings. As a whole, we find WCC students to be knowledgeable, organized and enthusiastic team members that bring a variety of strengths to our program. – Amy Fulton, Executive Director, Light’s On in Lander After School Program, Lander, WY

The WCC graduate we hired is an amazing man of faith and principle, always prepared to stand up for what right and do what is necessary to further the kingdom. He has been not only a good teammate but also a good friend. His willingness to serve others and the mission have made my job much easier. I know that his time at Wyoming Catholic College has had a major impact on the fullness of his heart. His education and spiritual formation have made him an asset to FOCUS and my team. – Luke Hellwig, FOCUS Team Director, University of North Dakota